A brave New World - how will you choose to act?

When you look at this picture, what do you see?

A person who appears to be a little crazy to put himself in this position, exposed on a sheer rock face relying on his own body strength to secure a successful outcome. Or do you see someone who has such complete conviction in his own abilities that he is willing to pit himself against nature in the ultimate test of what he can do? More

A Partnership Approach – how to make the relationship much more effective

So, here’s the thing….we all want to do great work that gets due recognition, whether that’s winning awards or delivering good ROI for shareholders. But in order to achieve that success we need to be part of a winning team that is focused on the best outcome, creative enough to deliver the best solutions and most importantly truly enjoying the process to get there. Happy people are more likely to deliver great work than unhappy people. Fact!

What gives rise to that happiness? In a nutshell I believe it comes about when Clients and Agencies truly work together as one team with one shared goal, giving each other the freedom to grow and develop, enabling the best possible solutions to naturally come to the top. More

Thriving in the New

What happens to you as a leader when a significant period of uncertainty or change, such as a global pandemic, affects your organisation and you have no prior experience of how to deal with it?

What happens when this change causes people to reconsider their futures both in terms of the work they do, who they do it for and where they do it?

Do you try to batten down the hatches and hope to ride out the storm, or do you adapt your leadership style reflecting that this is new ground for you and the organisation? More

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