Coaching Testimonials

“Niamh allowed me space to think, but also didn’t shy away from asking me to dig deeper on some issues. She challenged me to think about the bigger picture in areas I hadn’t even considered before. I am now feeling empowered and it has totally transformed my way of thinking. This process has hugely boosted my self-confidence and self-belief and I have already implemented several of the changes we discussed. I couldn’t rate Niamh highly enough.”

— E. R.

“Niamh’s ability to listen and ask the right and thought-provoking questions coupled with the techniques she used allowed me to realise that the topic was much broader and it affected every part of my life personally and professionally. The tools that Niamh has armed me with are helping me massively not to fall back into my old ways.”

— O. U.

“I had the to pleasure to be coached by Niamh. At the time, I experienced a lot of changes, challenges and growth which was an uneasy time for me. Whenever I spoke to Niamh, I felt much better afterwards. I felt like she was able to hold that space for me that I needed at the time and she was fantastic in pointing out and reflecting back what I couldn’t see myself. I gained more awareness, insight, motivation and even trust (in the process) after talking to Niamh. We did our coaching sessions online which I think was great. From the comfort of my home I was able to see & talk to Niamh and scheduling our sessions was easy and flexible. I would highly recommend Niamh to everybody, she is a great listener, understands very well and is just a fantastic coach!”

— C. K.

"I wanted to formally state how beneficial and value adding I have found my coaching sessions with Niamh. In fact, I would go so far as to say transformational.

Niamh has a great ability to separate herself from the clients’ details and focus on the real situation at hand. I truly found with every session a ‘AHA’ moment and put these into practice, as I still do ongoing. I do slip back at times, but I do catch myself, which is a big step forward.

I strongly recommend if anyone gets the opportunity to work with Niamh they should jump at it."

— E. G.

"I worked with Niamh from a coaching and mentorship perspective and I cannot recommend her services enough. Niamh is so approachable, friendly and positive making her extremely easy to talk to. Niamh also has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience from both a client side and agency side so can offer a unique perspective from both parties. She has struck the perfect balance between intently listening and sharing her perspective, making her an excellent coach and mentor. Niamh coached me through some challenges I was facing and provided me with a practical set of tools that I use regularly. Our sessions were enlightening, thought provoking and extremely reflective. I highly recommend Niamh’s services as she has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally."

— C. McN.

"Niamh is brilliant as a coach. She has a great way of active listening and prompting her clients to get real insight into themselves. I found that talking through challenges with Niamh allowed me to gain a lot of clarity and to reflect on situations differently giving real focus to what is truly important vs. what is noise. From my sessions with Niamh, I was able to develop a clear action plan and prioritise what was important to me in order to achieve my goals.

Niamh has a very calm style, encouraging you to talk and to focus on what you want to achieve as an individual. The sessions with Niamh gave me time in an otherwise busy diary to really focus on my own development and ways of working and to approach situations with a different mindset."

— R. D.

"The sessions with Niamh have given me the time to assess how I can address certain obstacles whilst giving me a real opportunity to take a breath, re-centre myself and realise I am the only person who can change things and change for the better.

 It is never easy opening up and being honest with yourself but also acknowledging what you can do to move forward, and Niamh has helped and supported me through that whole process so well.  I never previously had coaching but for me I feel I now have a real sense of purpose.  It has given me the help and guidance to focus on what I want and what I deserve, to be more efficient, not to be scared to say no but a real step change for me is how I approach particular challenges at work. I have been on a journey and it has been a great experience that will stay with me and that I will continue to put into practice. "

— J. J.

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